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Volunteer Open House
March 26th at 6:00pm
At the NOAH Building.

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Bow-Wow & Alley Cat Bowling
April 7th at 4:30 at Cherry Hill Lanes

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Our mission is simple, to help those in need. Millions of Americans are struggling during these tough economic times.  Here at North Oakland Animal Help (NOAH), we try to ease the burden by providing dog and cat food to families in need.

NOAH was created in 2010 as the need for pet food assistance became apparent with multiple articles and news stories telling the sad story of pets being let go and shelters becoming overwhelmed, simply because owners could no longer afford to feed their pets.

Whats New

A Big THANK YOU goes out to Oakwood Elementary who once again held a penny drive.  Total will be posted soon.

In the NEWS!

A need for feed

N.O.A.H. seeks assistance in filling barren shelves




February 13, 2013 - Ortonville- As a disabled widow on an income of less than $750 per month, Dawn Boyd has struggled to feed her pets, which include a cat she's had for 17 years, and two cats she promised a dying neighbor she would care for.

On Tuesday, she found help she desperately needed on her first visit to North Oakland Animal Help, 457 Mill St., where N.O.A.H. founder Raena Kalfayan provided her with free cat food.

"Aren't they just heaven sent?" she asks. "This has really widened my heart. My niece made me aware (of N.O.A.H.) because she knew I needed assistance. I never dreamed there was a place that would help feed animals."

Kalfayan and her family went through their own struggle to keep their pets after her husband Mark was laid-off from his job in 2009. They vowed that when their situation improved, they would find a way to help others facing hard times. In December 2010, a few months after Mark found a new job, Raena started N.O.A.H. as a non-profit organization in the village, providing pet food assistance to low-income families.

Fundraisers and school penny drives for N.O.A.H. have assisted in purchasing food for the animals, but currently, the shelves of N.O.A.H. are bare. Kalfayan is seeking to get the word out about the need for not only donations, but volunteers to help with pet food distribution for a few hours per month. A volunteer open house is planned for 6 p.m., Feb. 26, at N.O.A.H., 457 Mill St.

There has been a definite need for N.O.A.H., with the organization currently assisting about 40 families per month in providing food for roughly 110-120 animals, mostly dogs and cats. However, donations have decreased, and Kalfayan has found that the uniqueness of the organization, as a food pantry for animals rather than an animal rescue, has been a hindrance to receiving help from large pet food companies.

"The large pet food companies help rescues and shelters, but they don't know how to categorize us," she explained. "I don't think they understand what we do, which is to try to help people keep their pets. We are completely reliant on donations of pet food, or cash donations with which to purchase food, from private individuals."

N.O.A.H. helps to feed animals of all ages, sizes and breeds and when pet food donations come in for special needs animals, such as puppies, kittens, or senior animals, Kalfayan sets that food aside for owners who have pets meeting those specifications. Clients are also asked to provide documentation of need.

"The majority of clients are very, very grateful," said Kalfayan. "They are humble and grateful for what they are getting and that's what keeps you going."

A letter from one client expressed that gratitude:

"N.O.A.H. is really a wonderful organization," wrote the client. "Our pets are our family and at times when we can't afford their food N.O.A.H. is always there for us as well as many other families, too. Thanks to their giving hearts, I don't have to worry about not having food for our pets when times are tough. I can't thank N.O.A.H. enough for being there when we need them the most."

For more information about this open house please call Raena Kalfayan at (248) 627-4900. For more details regarding N.O.A.H. visit www.helpfeedfido.com.

Can't feed pet? North Oakland Animal Help

Susan Bromley - writer (October 15, 2011)

From left: Raena Kalfayan with Cathy, a NOAH client. Photo by Susan Bromley.
October 12, 2011 - Onyx, an 8-year-old rottweiler, lived on bread alone with his first owner, who fed the dog hamburger buns and hot dog buns.

"I don't know what the situation was, but the owner asked my son if he wanted him, or he was going to take him to the pound," said Cathy, a village resident who requested her last name be withheld.

Cathy's son took the dog, but when he moved to Casper, Wyo. in June, he was unable to take Onyx with him. Now Cathy cares for Onyx, to whom she has become deeply attached. Her son said he would return for the dog, but with the assistance of the North Oakland Animal Help (NOAH), Onyx is finally in his forever home.

NOAH, a non-profit 501c3 organization, is dedicated to providing free pet food monthly to families in need. Raena Kalfayan co-founded the organization one year ago with Janet Haering, and clients can pick up food for their dogs and cats at NOAH, 457 Mill St., in the village, by appointment each month.
"I'm on disability, so it's hard to buy the dog food every month," said Cathy. "I want him to be well-fed and they (NOAH) are so helpful. I don't know what I would do if they weren't here. Onyx is companionship for me and a good watchdog."

Cathy gives the rottweiler scraps left over from dinner and buys him cans of dog food if she has coupons, but relies on the 40-50 pound bags of dog food NOAH gives her for the majority of her pet's nutrition.

Onyx is just one of many dogs that benefit from the generosity of the community. NOAH is supported solely by donations, and the organization has seen a great need for services. In August, Kalfayan said NOAH distributed 25 50-pound bags of dog food and 32 16-pound bags of cat food. NOAH is currently helping about 42 families per month, most from the Brandon and Clarkston area, but Kalfayan has registered several new clients over the past few months and is preparing for the influx that the holidays bring. Last Christmas, NOAH helped 75 families, feeding 150 dogs and 160 cats for the month of December.

Kalfayan said the families helped are very grateful. Many of them fell on hard times in the current economy and were at the point of using food stamps to purchase tuna fish or hamburger to feed their animals. She received a letter not long ago from a client named Nicole, whose family includes three children, five dogs and eight cats. The family had volunteered with a local rescue to help homeless and sick pets. When Nicole became sick and was unable to work full-time, she wondered how the family could care for their pets.

"We became very upset and unsure of how we would be able to keep all of our friends," Nicole wrote. "That's when we found NOAH, who has helped us feed all of our pets for the last couple of months, making our pets fat and happy!! Without NOAH, keeping our pets would not be possible. Pets are a wonderful addition to our family, they make our kids very happy and help in healing..."

Details: NOAH, to donate or to receive help, leave a message at 248-627-4900 or visit www.helpfeedfido.com. Checks can also be made payable to NOAH and sent to: NOAH, P.O. Box 679, Ortonville, MI 48462

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